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Taunting Destiny (2013)

Taunting Destiny (2013)

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Amelia Hutchins

About book Taunting Destiny (2013)

This is absolutely amazing read. Ok I don't even know where to begin. Ryder, Syn, Adam etc... This plot is like non other. It's filled with action, sex, hot sex, twists, turns and much more. Amelia is such an amazing writer. She puts you in the mind as tho you are there. And all of the second characters, I'm starting to like as well. I tell you, if you haven't read the first book, its a must. Because this books start right after the first one left off. Believe me you would not be disappointed. I don't know what to expect on the next book as Syn is on her way to the Hode King. OMG. On to the next. Spoiler free reviews-- however WARNING-WARNING-- Cliff-Hanger Endings in this series.That said... so damn good you won't care and will either grab the next or check the on when its coming.Fae, Witches, Demons and all kinds of other lore fill the pages with love, lust and war.This second book picks up with Ryder and Synthia still butting heads on what each wants and is willing to either give, or give up.Synthia's heartache is intense and there are all kinds of surprises that burst from the pages.Be prepared for another page turner/all nighter with this book.:)

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O. M. G. What a cliffhanger!! Gotta start the next one ASAP!!

Whoa! I never thought a book will make me feel so much!

Cannot wait to read the third book!!Simply loved it!

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