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Fighting Destiny (2013)

Fighting Destiny (2013)

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Amelia Hutchins

About book Fighting Destiny (2013)

I was a little bit skeptical about the book. There where to few reviews and I was afraid that it will be bad. ...I am glad that I read it. The action was nice the story the same. .. the only bad parts, if you can call them that, where the sex scenes. something is missing from them. ...I don't get that vibe. ... but a part from that everything else was nice and I can't wait to read the next one. I'll admit the main reason I read Fighting Destiny was beacause of the cover, I just love it. Howver, I got a bit tired of the words "fuck-", "perfect" and "beautiful" (I was reaaaaally tempted to do a search count the number of times the author used these words) and I was also a bit bored with some scenes, but I have to say I really liked the ending ;) I'll read book 2, let's hope there's more language variety next time.

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Wowza, was this book hot. Minimal typos with a plot that just sucks you in. Nice.

I blame Aly & Maru for this one :o) Let's hope it's as good as they say it is!

Awesome! I am more of a contemporary romance reader. But,wow, this was good!

Very very addictive.


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