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Tall, Tatted And Tempting (2013)

Tall, Tatted and Tempting (2013)

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About book Tall, Tatted And Tempting (2013)

First off, what I really liked about this story was the main character, Logan. You don't read many books where the main character isn't perfect or has something truly different about them that many people don't understand. I love that Logan was a deaf character because you, as a reader, get to understand more about the deaf community and deaf people in general, which I find neat. Not only that, but you get to read through the eyes of Logan, which gives us a better insight to his life and the things he struggles with that others take for granted. Logan Reed is handsome, funny, and witty. He's also deaf and has been for several years. He hasn't talked, verbally, in years, not needing too and worrying about how his voice sounds. That all changes when he meets Kit. With her, he wants to talk, to let her see the real him and for him to see the real her. But Kit is keeping a huge secret that can rip his heart one day. Kit just wanted a tattoo for her birthday. What she got instead was Logan. Kit lives a life filled with secrets and she's fine with that, not telling anyone about her story because she doesn't want them to know. But with Logan, she wants to let him in and see the girl she's trying to keep inside. Kit realizes later into their relationship that sometimes you have to sacrifice something important in your life to help the people you love. Even if that means sacrificing your happiness and chance to find true love. I really enjoyed this story and the main characters as well. At times Kit annoyed me because of all her secrets, but she grew on me and I eventually loved her character. Especially when she learned to sign for Logan. Nothing gets on my nerve more then when I read a book that has a deaf main character and his/her love interest doesn't want to learn how to sign. I love that she wanted to be apart of his world. You could feel the love between them and I loved their connection. I highly recommend this book! Oh my gosh, I loved this book! I could not believe how much I loved it! And it was free too! I was seriously giving up the whole Romance genre because I never liked any of the romance books I read, but since I had finished my previous "Bloody Mary" book, I was in need of another & quite frankly I just decided to give this one a try. I had downloaded it a while ago but figured to give it a try & I am so glad I did! I think the reason why I hate Romance genre's are mostly the ones about the BDSM style where the guys are the dominant characters with all of the power in their hands & all of the control of the girls. Well, this one was totally different. I loved it because Emily's character is tough & she can fight her own battles & that's what I really like about her, she's not afraid; Logan's character is this guy whose so tall & incredibly sexy and he's deaf too, but that doesn't stop him from getting any action almost any time he wants it. But Logan is different than all of the "possessive/dominant" characters I've read about. Logan is respectful & kind, him & his four brothers are kinda poor but they're rich with genuine love & kindness. Emily comes from California & she comes from an extremely wealthy family, like, so wealthy they might as well be William & Kate Middelton! Anyway, Emily's dyslexic & her father can't accept that, therefore he thinks his own daughter is so dumb because she has a hard time reading that, what else is she good for? So he decides his daughter is better off marrying a young man from a business partner of his; He thinks the only thing his daughter is good for is to be someones trophy wife. Emily thinks otherwise. Emily hates the idea, hates the guy she's set up to marry (yes, her dad arranges an arranged marriage) & because no one is on her side, she runs away to New York. Emily loves music, & wanted to go to college to study music, so now that she's homeless, she plays in the subway stations to get some cash. Emily has spent 6 months either in a shelter home (when it's not packed) and goes days without eating sometimes. Emily had saved up enough money for a tattoo she really wanted to symbolize her life & dreams & whatnot, but Logan, the lady's man that he is, assumes that he can get some action from her. Logan is deaf, but like I said, he's a MAJOR lady's man. Him & his brother, Paul, own/work at a tattoo shop, and Paul even warns Logan not to mess with "this one" meaning Emily, saying that she's not Logan's kind & that she's not from around here. Logan ignores him thinking he can persuade her, but that just gets him a bloody nose to her fist. A few days pass and Logan's coming out of the subway when he see's the beautiful girl that punched him in the face, sitting & playing her guitar. He tries communicating with her with a portable dry-erase board but Emily's dyslexia gets in the way. Logan can't help himself, he's drawn to her, but this time, he doesn't try to lure him in his pants, he wants to get to know her (unlike the many girls he gets) After dinner, he tries to walk her home because it was so late in the city, but Emily refused and walks away. Logan follows her & see's that she's waiting in line for the homeless shelter but this time, it's full meaning she has no place to sleep that night. Logan walks up to her, and offers her his place, and she agrees. Logan doesn't try anything with her though, he gives her his bed while he takes the couch. After a couple of days, they're both drawn to each other & grow accustomed to one another. Emily has been staying at his place with his four brothers, and they all like her. There's one catch though, Logan doesn't know Emily's name (she goes by Kit because she can't have anyone know her name is Emily in fear they'll recognize her as the billionaires daughter who ran away & turn her in) and they both desperately want each other, but because Logan knows Kit isn't her real name, he doesn't itch her scratch. Logan wants to know her real name before he sleeps with her, because he wants to respect her, and when he says her name while f*cking her, he wants it to be her true name, am I making my point? Lol. Emily trusts him, but for her own guard, she doesn't budge, and it leaves the audience being so teased!!! One of Logan's oldest brothers, Matthew, has cancer & is going through chemo, and it's kicking his ass. One night, while all of the brothers are working & Logan is on his way to work, Emily asks if he's okay with her staying behind with Matt to take care of him & Logan think's is wonderful of her. Matt doesn't want chemo to take over his life & tries fighting it & wants to make the best of everything, so Matt offers to watch a movie with Em & she agrees. Em is making popcorn when she noticed that Matt wasn't following her anymore & then hears a *thud* and it's Matt lying on the floor while his body convulses. Pete, had actually stayed home but was getting some action in his room until Emily yells for help and that's when he find out that Matt isn't going to make it. Matt needs a treatment that could prolong his life & save him, but his brothers can't afford it---but Em knows her family could. Emily had stayed away from her controlling parents for 6 months, but she loved Logan's brothers, and she loved Logan, and that meant giving Logan up so he could spend his life with his brother living. Em makes the phone call & turns herself in to her parents, on the circumstance that her father HAS to pay for Matt's treatment that will save his life. She gave herself 2 days to leave New York to return to California. The next night, she told Logan her real name & that night they finally got it on! (This book is a major teaser) But the following morning, before the sun could rise & before Logan could wake, Em leaves him. She knew she had to do it, and she was doing it to save Matt's life but it was so sad. But when Em got back home, she was greeted by her mom, not her dad & that's when we find out that her mom is the good guy, she was pissed that Em's dad was the reason all of this happened, so her mother put her foot down & went by whatever Em wanted. Em came home, but she wasn't home for good. National News reported the rich man's daughter returns home after 6 months & at the time she was on TV to give her speech, Matt (while still at the hospital, and I'm guessing was told her dad was paying for his treatments) called Paul & Logan & told them to turn on the TV. That's when Logan saw, the love of his life in California. But Em signed I love New york. I love New York with all my heart, and I can't wait to get back to it." Code for Logan. Em announces that she'll be attending Julliard in New York in three months, meaning she'll be back to see Logan & this time they're not letting each other out of their sights. I loved it because Logan wasn't creepy possessive like a Christian Grey would be. Logan was respectful & Emily was the one in charge of her feelings & who got to touch her & on her account. I loved it because it was also a big teaser & not just sex in every other freaking chapter like 50 Shades of Crap. They did mention though a guy named Bone(s) I can't remember if it was with an 'S' or not but we know he's bad news but we never did find out with Pete was doing with him. One of Logan's younger brothers was talking to Bones and although everyone told him to stay away, we never heard more than that or what they were up to. I was thinking we were going to read him almost dying because of Bones or something similar. Anyway, this book was so amazing & I'm even more surprised that it turned out so good for free!

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Such a great read. Loved all the characters. A must read!!

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