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Take This Regret (2012)

Take This Regret (2012)

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About book Take This Regret (2012)

I have to say, the plot caught my attention, but it didn't keep it for long. Christen and Elizabeth are dating in college and are headed for law school, when Elizabeth finds out she's pregnant. Christen didn't take the news well and gave her an ultimatum, him or the baby. You see, Christen has a plan, he will complete law school and work for his father, a baby will not fit into their lives at the moment. Elizabeth walks out the door and heads to her family in San Diego after a difficult pregnancy.Five years later, Christen is opening a new law firm in San Diego and sees a child in a grocery store. He feels a remarkable kinship with her. With the regret of betraying Elizabeth, he decides to look her up and finds out she's living only a couple of miles away. This book is about a second chance.Christen Davison is flawed, he is selfish, manipulative and irresponsible. After five years of regret and reflection he redeems himself, he is endearing and praiseworthy. A good father to a wonderful little girl. Elizabeth Ayers is admirable in the beginning, becoming a single mother is a terrifying journey. When Christen comes back into their lives, she became very selfish, she wasn't putting her daughter first. She refused to see her own flaws. She did not take upon herself culpability of having a child because of unsafe sex, after all it takes two to tango. She became an annoying heroine, very spiteful and indifferent.Pros: This book has two point of views, Christen and Elizabeth, which is great to see the depth of emotions and growth of each character. It was great to see that Elizabeth didn't forgive Christen quickly but the story progressed to show her mindset. I liked how Lizzie was there throughout the book and not pushed to the back as a character.Cons: Christen became extremely sappy and it didn't feel real. The book became extremely superfluous. There are grammatical errors throughout the book, but not enough to truly distract. Lastly, the ending was anti-climatic.I can't say I loved this book, however if you need something to pass the time and are not too picky, you may want to try this one out. 4.5 stars.This book was an emotional rollercoaster. My emotions was all over the place from page 1. The book starts with Christian and Elizabeth on the cusp of graduating college and being together since freshman year. When Elizabeth tells Christian that she is pregnant, he does the one thing that a man should never do, he made her choice between him and their unborn child. When this happened, I don't think I've hated a character more than Christian. When she choices her child, he walks away from both of them. Almost 5 years later, Christian is now in San Diego, Elizabeth's hometown. He has become a successful lawyer, taking the place that was groomed for him by his father. On a trip to the grocery, he see a little girl and is immediately drawn to her. There he decides it time to make amends for the way that he left Elizabeth and abandoned his daughter. This story was beautifully written. Written with a dual POV, she shows the how Elizabeth deals with having Christian back in her life and Christian trying to make amends with the choices he made all those years ago.

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6 STARS!! What an incredible emotional journey. LOVE!

Boring, predictable, wasn't really worth my time.

If you like dramas :)

Good, real.

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