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Sweet Salt Air (2013)

Sweet Salt Air (2013)

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1250007038 (ISBN13: 9781250007032)
St. Martin's Press

About book Sweet Salt Air (2013)

Meh. I don't really care about the herbs that are at the center of this book. The story takes place on a fictional island off the coast of Maine. Two friends, Nicole and Charlotte are coming together again after 10 years apart. They come together to help each other write a cookbook. Obviously there are deep, dark secrets that could change one of their lives forever. I guess I was hoping that this book would focus more on the friendship than the romantic relationships, but I was mistaken. First and last time I will read Babs Delinsky. Summer friends, Nicole and Charlotte were the best of friends despite coming from different backgrounds. Nicole's picture-perfect family was everything Charlotte had always dreamed of having but ten years have gone by since they've last seen each other. Nicole summons Charlotte home to help her work on cookbook that Charlotte, a renowned journalist will interview contributors about their recipes and capture the Maine ambiance. Charlotte is apprehensive about seeing Nicole and revisiting her summer hideaway as she's hidden a secret from Nicole and is afraid of having it revealed.

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I thought the plot was totally predictable. Very disappointing.

I enjoyed this. Reading a few of this author's books now.

Beach read.

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