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Succubus Heat (2009)

Succubus Heat (2009)

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0553820273 (ISBN13: 9780553820270)
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Lu dans le cadre de la Quête 2, du Book Quest ChallengeQue vous dire de ce quatrième tome, c'est toujours dans la même veine, les petits problèmes de Georgina, sauf qu'à chaque tome, les problèmes sont de pires en pires.C'est bien évidemment toujours la même (bonne) écriture, mais en plus dans celui-ci l'intrigue est bien mené, et nous laisse jsuqu'à la fin nos doutes! Cette enquête c'est la disparition de Jérôme, qui, pourquoi, comment et pourquoi l'Armée des Ténébres et on a les réponses que dans les 20 denrières pages aurant dit que c'est un peu énervant, mais c'est ce qui fait un bon policier^^ Le truc qui va pas c'est Seth, j'ai envie de lui dire mais bouge toi un peu, pense à ce que tu veux, fais ce que tu veux vraiment, ait le courage de tenir tête à Georgina! J'ai beaucoup aimé par contre le petit détail rubis/diament, ça augure une bonne suite! Vivement que je lise la suite!Read as part of the Quest 2, the Book Quest Challenge What say you to this fourth volume is still in the same vein, small problems Georgina, except that each volume, the problems are worse in worse. It is obviously always the same (good) writing, but also in this one the plot is well done, and leaves us to end our doubts! This investigation is the disappearance of Jerome, who, why, how and why the Army of Darkness, and we have the answers in the last 20 pages so that it's a bit annoying, but that's what makes a good mystery ^^ The thing that will not is Seth, I wanted to tell him but moves up a little, think about what you want, do what you really want, have the courage to stand up to Georgina! I loved the little detail against a ruby / diament, it bodes a good result! Strongly that I read on! All right, Richelle. I love your writing, love your characters and how you develop things. I love that you can get me hooked and keep me coming back even with predictable storylines. But I was desperately hoping there would be a twist ending or something unexpected. This book pretty much killed my hopes for that happening.I have to keep reminding myself that Georgie is a succubus and has sold her soul to Hell. So her doing terrible things like sleeping with someone else's boyfriend should be par for the course. But Seth is a different matter, and him I was disgusted with. Cheating on both his girlfriends doesn't exactly make him a character I'm rooting for.I honestly think that's the biggest problem with this series. I actually really like Georgie as a character. I like her friends, even if they did weirdly start to gang up on her when she was acting more like a cold-hard succubus. But I don't really like Seth; he got annoying fast, and the fated lovers/reincarnation whatever going on does not endear me to the couple at all. I admit I'm not the biggest on romance, but when it comes it has to be with two people I want to root for being together. Georgie and Seth just aren't it.As if that whole thing didn't annoy me enough, the book got to the part I was hoping would never come: revealing the loophole in Georgie's contract that would get her out. Honestly, I can't believe Georgie was dense enough to not get the loophole the second she was told about it.I'm really torn on finishing this series. I'm so very disappointed with the way things are headed, but a part of me wants to finish what I started.

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No wonder the title is Succubus Heat, this book was rich with angst and heartaches.

great series was well and truly sucked in by book 4, couldn't put it down

Seth. You are a douche.

Love, love, LOVED IT!!!

4,5 stars.

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