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Stormdancer (2012)

Stormdancer (2012)

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0230762883 (ISBN13: 9780230762886)
Tor UK

About book Stormdancer (2012)

Great book. The world was well set up and the history to go with it was great. The character development was also really well done. many of the characters changed through out the book, most for the better. Yukiko was a great character, she started out as self pitying person and soon grew into herself and took control of her life. Buruu was a great as well, he changed through out the book and started to really care for others. The plot had many twists and their were many revelations towards the end of the book. I cant wait to read the next book and see what happens with Buruu and Yukiko! My take-away from this book is : do not buy a book because an author you like has a blurb on the cover (and that I should have known better). I found the exposition heavy-handed (the bad guys are bad) and clunkily delivered (unnatural conversation), the characters clichés (strong-independant-rebel-protagonist with funny-drunk-relative, really?) and the setting all in style with little substance (looks cool but does not seem to make sense). Read the first 100 pages and recycled the book.

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A phenomenal book with a great story! A truly new conceptualization on old ideas. Well worth it!

really liked it. a fun take with a different view and spin on the fantasy genre


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