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Stinger (2000)

Stinger (2000)

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This book....this story.....there are noooooo words to describe the sheer brilliance of a truly deep and amazing storyline....Starts with a college law student and an up and coming porn star....and ends with a brilliant soulful woman and a true and real hero....Mia Sheridan, needs to never do anything but write, 24/7. Her creative brain is beyond brilliant on how she can weave incredibly intricate stories and make readers feel every emotion on such a deep level that I found myself literally seeing stars as. Realized I was holding my breath....Beyond original.... Beyond beautiful...beyond angst and gut wrenching tummy aches as you try and read faster for the story to unfold.... From tears to heartache to pride to true deep love.... This book has it all! Loved it! The characters changed so much from the beginning to the end. I started this, skeptical. Carson Stryker, Straight Male Performer. Peel an onion and there are lots of layers... Can't say anymore without spoiling the book. Hang with it, because the characters they are a changin'. Grace. Started out as a law school student. She grew, too. There was a bit of mystical intervention, I think. The old lady in the elevator and airport....Grace and Carson were destined to be together. They were soul mates. Life threw them a series of curves though and they had opportunities to change their paths. Make a difference. Be a hero. You'll have to read the book to learn how they handled and overcame their obstacles. The second half of this book was more a romantic suspense. Can't say more without posting spoilers. Wait until you read what happens to Carson! Talk about a 360 degree life change. Swoon!The writing was cute! I chuckled out loud several times, cried some, too. The book was written in both the H/h POV. Each time the POV changed, the author indicates, but I have to admit I was lost a few times with whose mind I was in because the POV changed within chapters, too. I had to stop and say, who is this and then go forward. Great book and looks like the beginning of a romantic suspense series....5 Stars from This Reader!

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