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Archer's Voice (2000)

Archer's Voice (2000)

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"...I would have fought for you. But don't you see, I had to fight for myself first. I had to feel like I was someone worthy of winning you."Not only is Archer's Voice the first book I've read from the brilliant Mia Sheridan, but it is also the first stand-alone novel in the erotic romance genre that I've read. All the others have been part of a series...That being said, I did not expect to have such feelings for Archer and Bree and their story in one book alone. But I did.Archer Hale is now one of my favourite characters ever. And this love story is in my heart for good.Mia Sheridan's writing is lovely and sad and joyful, all in one. She has created a heart-breakingly beautiful story that I know will stay with me forever. I can't say much more...I'm still in a daze from this story."...the loudest words are the ones we live."Read it if you haven't read it. Re-read it, if you have.5 STARS Audio version. Emily Durante narrates the majority of this story although male narrator Kris Koscheski does take the hero's POV. Durante is not a favorite of mine - I tend to avoid her narrations but she puts in an adequate performance. This audiobook would have been more entertaining with a strong narrator. The story is wonderful and different as the hero can't speak although he can hear. There's a little bit too much of the ABCs of predictable sex and the ending is just a little too fairytale like but it still rates 4 1/2 stars for the content and 3 1/2 stars for the narration.

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AMAZING BOOK! thanks for created such a heartbreaking, lovely and epic love stroy!

Such an amazing novel. 6 stars for me! ;)

This loved this story so much!!

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