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Spinnentanz (2014)

Spinnentanz (2014)

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Eigentlich wollte sich die Auftrakskillerin Gin Blanco zur Ruhe setzen und sich nur mehr dem Restaurant widmen, aber dann beschließt sie einem ehemaligen Freund von Fletcher, ihrem früheren Mittelsmann und toten Ziehvater, zu helfen. Dafür muss sie sich mit Dawson einem Zweg mit Steinmagie anlegen sowie mit der mächtigen Feuerelementarin Mab Monroe. Der gutaussehende Detective Caine will Gin davon überzeugen das morden nicht die Lösung dafür ist, doch Gin ist schon längst wieder in ihre alte Rolle geschlüpft. „Die Spinne“ ist wieder da! This review is general/relevant to the entire series, not only this book. What can I say – this is bad:1. The plot is so transparent every twist can be seen from a mile.2. World-building is sketchy at best and non-existent and worst. There gaping holes where background details should be.3. Each and every villain is a complete evil, sick, sadistic bastard with absolutely no redeeming qualities… but he/she looks good.4. The giants are tall tough humans, the dwarves are short tough humans and the vampires are humans with fangs… except for their title they're all pretty much alike.5. Each and every time Gin hides in the shadows she overhears details which are crucial to her. She also always overhears complete conversations – as if time doesn't pass when she's not there.6. Gin and her enemies are randomly either badass melee fighters or pushovers when it fits the plot.7. The author doesn't know the first thing about knife fighting, which is bad because the book is filled with knife action – there's more to knives than a stab to the heart, throat cutting and gutting.8. I can't get over how dumb Gin is. She repeatedly listens to the stones, hears bad vibes, proceeds to ignore them and is then surprised by events.9. Gin repeatedly walks into situations where she's knowingly outmatched, proceeds to get beaten and wounded while refusing to use her magic to defend herself until it's too late – only to be saved by blind luck when she's near death.10. The so called sneaky assassin is way too fond of frontal assaults and throwing away the element of surprise even when it's handed to her.That said, Gin is an interesting character to follow (when she's not making maddeningly stupid decisions) and the romance is believable and pulls you through the book. So, despite my frustration, I did read it through (if only because I never stop in the middle of a book).

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Pretty easy read. Exciting plot that kept me interested.

read it in 7 hours - great!

So gut wie das Erste.

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