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Soul Eater, Vol. 01 (2009)

Soul Eater, Vol. 01 (2009)

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0759530017 (ISBN13: 9780759530010)
Yen Press

About book Soul Eater, Vol. 01 (2009)

I had seen the show, and expected subtle differences in the show to the manga. I found reading it more enjoyable, and felt that it made the show a little less childish, which was a bonus because the aspect I like isn't the childish humor. It introduced Maka, Soul, Black Star and Tsubaki in a venture to remain in Death Scythe Academy, and ends with a pretty big cliff hanger. A great read for fans of Naruto or Bleach, because of some minor similarities. Granted, this is not a five on the literary masterpiece scale, but as far as everything I look for in a manga, this was it. I picked this book up randomly at Barnes and Noble because it had the most installments and I really really liked it. It's funny, it's sexy, it's got a lot of action. It took me a minute to get into the language-- I'm not up to date on my Japanese stuff and I didn't know what a scythe was, but once I understood, I really got into it. Enough so that I immediately turned around and bought the next five installments on Amazon. For real, the only downside was that it was $12 and I finished it in an hour.

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Very similar to the anime. Loved it. Black Star is still my favorite and Maka is so cute!

I really enjoy this series. It's fun, silly and just a relaxing read.

Man I love Maka and Soul, dey hilarious.

Really good for Graphic Novel fans.


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