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Sophie & Carter (2011)

Sophie & Carter (2011)

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1935089447 (ISBN13: 9781935089445)
Acacia Publishing

About book Sophie & Carter (2011)

Okay so, to start I love Chelsea Fine especially her series finding fate.This was really different from her past work or at least the ones that I have read . And even though she's done the whole boy next door thing, It was different because the book wasn't about lust I mean sure they kissed maybe once or twice...but that was all. They really had something, I mean sure the characters in her other books did to but, this one was special they didn't start of their relationship with wild sex that's not what led upto their discovering thir lov for each other it built over time.... in fact there wasn't even any in the book. They had true love Not lust. This book was so real. Now this isn't the type of book I'd usually read and it was kind of short read it thirty minutes tops. And it's definitely not my favorite Chelsea Fine book.... But I know when I see a good piece of literature and this is one. Sophie & Carter: "I love their guts." Aside from a few typos, this novella is very well-written. My only problem is the length. I wish that the author had given us a full-length novel based on these characters & their lives.... I've read excerpts from author Chelsea Fine's other novels, & IMO, those characters pale in comparison to Sophie & Carter.... WHEN IT COMES TO SOPHIE & CARTER, THERE IS STILL SO MUCH STORY TO TELL. Their story is incomplete, & therefore, I feel cheated. *3.5/5 stars*

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More like 3.5.Extra cute, it kind of reminded me of a short Eleanor&Park.

OMG! este libro es tan cortito pero es lo más dulce que he leido. :G

I liked the writing. Good, quick read.

loved it


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