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Sommersgate House (2000)

Sommersgate House (2000)

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4 stars!I reallllllyyy liked this book, way more than Penmort Castle. The characters were more relatable and more tangible. Their love story is actually more believable. The bond Douglas and Julia had with the children was adorable and each child was so unique and endearing! I also loved Douglas! He was such a great male lead. Julia was a woman who was scorned and had a hard time trusting and giving her heart to another. Even though the ghost aspect wasn't that strong in this book, it didn't pull away from the story. I liked the small taste we got of Archibald and Lady Ruby! I can't wait for the next one! What a truly enjoyable read! Loved this one. Douglas is the typical aloof Baron, Julia a strong, liberal American woman. Tragedy brings them together to raise their siblings (who were married to each other). They have similar internal issues to work through, incredible sexual tension (Douglas is HOT, awesome alpha), and certain characteristics to teach the other.Julia is warm, affectionate, full of love for her nieces and nephew. Douglas is cold, distant, nearly uncaring. She teaches him the value of showing children love and compassion, the meaning of family. He teaches her how to control her emotions.Throw in a couple of heartbroken ghosts, and this is one sweet read!

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3.5 stars!!! Not as good as the first, but still liked it!!

Another amazing book KA. LOVED IT!


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