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Something, Maybe (2009)

Something, Maybe (2009)

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1416978658 (ISBN13: 9781416978657)
Simon Pulse

About book Something, Maybe (2009)

*coughs*So... I could probably stretch this to 3.5 stars for Finn and José.Yes, incredibly predictable how the whole 'love triangle' would end, but it still amazed me how much I wanted to punch Josh and smack Hannah on the head every time she said "soul-mates". Luckily Hannah was a character with some attitude, so she was forgivable, and things ended well. The highlight of this book for me was Candy and José's story, it was really sweet and actually brought a couple of tears to my eyes. Oh, and Finn, who I liked from the very first time he appeared.Overall it was an interesting and fun story. A super original story-line, but a very "meh" book.Hannah could have been funnier, faster, and more mature.She could have been funnier by having a more developed sense of sarcasm. She could have been faster by not dwelling on the same aspects of her life and paying attention to the world around her and maybe giving a shit. And she could have been more mature by not whining about a guy (Josh) who's said barely five words to her apparently. The whole love-struck-with-someone-who-doesn't-even-know-my-name thing was irritating and teeny-bopper. This was an issue for because you would think that, given an absent father, losing a stepfather young, and her mom being immature herself, Hannah would be a bit more grown-up and well-worn by the world. But no. She's consistently naive and annoyingly angsty.Buuuut, it was still an easy enough read. And Finn was entertaining as hell. And it was a very real book; no supernatural stuff, no superfluous drama, nothing incredibly out of the ordinary. Very Sarah Dessen-like. Just your average girl trying to deal with the life dealt to her.I suppose if I were younger I'd appreciate this book more, so I'm cutting it some slack. But there are better reads similar to this out there.

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Wow i hate Elizabeth Scott books they're all cheesy and badly written. Yuck!

I loved it. I'm not entirely sure why. But it was great; really sweet.

I love everything Elizabeth Scott. Super cute, fun, quick read. :)

aww! Finn was so cute! :)

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