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Living Dead Girl (2008)

Living Dead Girl (2008)

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1416960597 (ISBN13: 9781416960591)
Simon Pulse

About book Living Dead Girl (2008)

In this book a girl named Kyla is kidnapped and abused buy a man named Ray. Ray gives Kyla a different name, Alice. Before he had kidnapped Kyla he had a different "Alice". Supposedly no one knows what happened to her. Then he found Kyla to replace her. Ray tells "Alice" all the time that, if she doesn't do what he tells her to do he will kill her family. At first she resisted but after awhile she didn't because she didn't want anything to happen to her family, and she didn't want to get hurt herself. Ray starves her and makes her stay at a certain weight, which is not healthy. If she doesn't do what he says or makes him mad in anyway he will hurt her. Usually by hitting her of stabbing her. Ray decides that he wants another girl, so he tells "Alice" to go to the park and find him one. She does, but she meets the girls brother and they talk for a few days. The day Ray and "Alice" plan to steal the new girl "Alice" tells Jake that she needs his help. When Ray and "Alice" return to the park later that day Jake shows up there with a gun. He ends up shooting Ray.Kyla(Alice): She is 15 years old, Ray has control over her so I feel that the way she acts is because of him. Almost like she doesn't have her own personality because of him, and every thing that he does to her. More towards the middle and the end of the book "Alice" starts to rebel. She starts to do more things that Ray tells her not to. Like she starts to eat food she's not supposed to. She also talks to Jake, but Ray doesn't like her talking to other people. At the end of the book she tells the girl,Ray wants to kidnap, to run. When "Alice and Ray were planning to take her she was just going to leaver the new girl with Ray. I would recommend this book for girls in high school. I would recommend it to them because "Alice" is 15 years old and that's around the age that they are. Some of the things that Ray does to her I think that high school girls would be more mature about it than younger girls. I don't think that boys would take interest in this kid of book. I finished this in a couple hours. I loved this book because it was unique, and because reading it was not a passive experience. You will have decode and interpret each line. I found the narrator's voice extremely believable, and the story thrilling in it's darkness. It's almost like a horror movie or car accident you can't look away from. It leaves you wanting to help any child that looks hurt in any way... it leaves you terrified, with an aching heart and wondering if this actually happens in life, and how we are so blind to it.

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