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Snømannen (2009)

Snømannen (2009)

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It is a genre I don't usually read but I guess that from now on I will. This book was so great and intense most of the time. I cannot say there was a part I didn't like. And the ending ..wooh, that was incredibly awesomely amazing!! (I feel like I'm never going to look at snowmen the same ways as before having read this book again)I highly recommend this book and this author to you! ^^ Don't know what the big deal is about Jo Nesbo. Everywhere I looked, people were reading his books. So I decided to "jump on the bandwagon" too.This was my first book read by Nesbo, and will probably be the last.An average crime thriller. The first half of the book I was forcing myself to read, may times trying to stay awake.The second half picked up a bit, with many twists and turns, but nothing to intrigue me.But don't make me read 260+ pages to START getting me a bit interested.The names of the characters confused me, and trying to remember who is who was a pain, and I found myself flipping back the pages to remember who each was.Sorry Nesbo, but your books just aren't my cup of tea.

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Wow! Really suspenseful, a lot of twists.. I really loved this one!

I'll try more of this series. Harry Hole gets it done.

brilliant. loved it from the first page til the last

Creepy as all heck. Awesome.

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