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O Boneco De Neve (2013)

O Boneco de Neve (2013)

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About book O Boneco De Neve (2013)

This was my first Jo Nesbo book and it makes me want to read more. The plot line is intricate and weaves around leading us from one sombre location to another. You can almost feel the dark, cold Norwegian winter as Harry Hole attempts to find a serial killer whose calling card is a snowman. Harry has his personal and professional problems but at the root of it all he is a good cop and wants to bring this killer to justice.For me, this is a book I would definitely recommend to others interested in the thriller genre. It has enough content to keep you interested and wanting more. I visited a friend and saw about 10 titles by this author I'd never heard of lined up. The UK-edition loaner I was given is #7 in the series and said to be "the best" Inspector Harry Hole tale. Set in Norway (mostly Oslo), the quirks of translation occasionally blip for the American reader early on then are easily over looked/nonexistent for the remainder.Part of the entertainment value of a mystery IMO is how well it keeps you guessing. I think almost every character in Jo Nesbo's The Snowman was implicated at one time or another. That's a true thriller and what most recommends this book.

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Harry Hole series, Book #7. This was suspenseful and full of false leads.

Complexa, iarna asta nu cred ca mai fac oameni de zapada... serios

Abandoning for now. Just was not getting into it right now.

Good thriller with a sub plots.

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