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Slow Heat (2010)

Slow Heat (2010)

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I'm on a sports romance kick lately and heard this one was good, so I gave it a shot, not even realizing it was part of a series (although it is a stand alone). At first, I felt like I'd stepped into the middle of a story, since Sam and Wade clearly have some background established before the story starts. It wasn't a problem, though, because the author does a great job at unraveling the mystery and laying the groundwork.I like how Sam and Wade's story develops. It's steamy, fun, slow. There is nothing I enjoy more than a good build up and this had plenty of it. No real insta-love, just a lot of lust that builds into something more. Their characters are individually fun and easy to like.I spotted a few inconsistencies that threw me here and there. For instance, during a wedding they attend at the beginning, Wade is described as sitting next to Sam with his jacket already off, then a few pages later, he's described taking off his jacket. That was confusing. Also, there's a car sex scene where Sam is sitting in the driver's seat and Wade in the passenger seat, but somehow they end up in the back, although there's no mention of that at any point. Again, it threw me out of the book and made it hard for me to imagine the scene and really sink into it.That aside, the dialogue is fun and witty and the writing flows well. I hate when authors describe every mundane thing their character does, but I saw none of that here. The book is neither too short nor too long.My biggest complaint (and what kept me from giving it the final star) was the abrupt ending. It's technically a HEA, but it just... stops. I didn't feel a real resolution to anything, just an implication of it. I actually turned the page, expecting another chapter or at least an epilogue, but got none of it. I'm not sure if the author will continue the series and figure the characters into the next story or not, but as it is, I was a little disappointed.Despite that, I recommend it. It's a good, fun read if you like sexy athletes and good smut. This book was Slow but it lacked the Heat. Should be sent down to the minors.Shalvis might be a good author but she lacks the knowledge to write about baseball or she ought to get an editor who knows baseball to help her out. The errors I saw were:"3rd plate"-do you mean 3rd base??? Come on"bull pen"-"bullpen" is one word.Wade allegedly went right to the minors out of college. Rarely ever happens.At one point in the book Wade spent 2 years in Denver before going to Santa Barabara and in another it said 4 years. You can't be a free agent in baseball till you 6 years of major league serviceDuring the story there was talk about Wade being put on the DL and as a result being out of action for a couple of days. If you are put on the DL you are out of action a minimum of 15 days.I am so looking forward to the baseball season and in my desperate need to read something to do with baseball I think I went too far with this one.Written for teenage girls not old guys who love baseball.

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I loved the 2nd book of this duo...except hated how it ended!!!

loved this story! can't wait to read more by this author!

Loved it - wish she would bring out more in this series!!

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