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Skinwalker (2009)

Skinwalker (2009)

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fuck this took me forever to readgodddddd i love jane a lot. like. one big entire whole lot. she's smart, she's boot stomping hardcore kickass, and she still gets to be vulnerable!!!! her every interaction with molly and angie is super heavily coded with how emotionally vulnerable she can allow herself to be because she loves them SO MUCH. 100% of the important relationships in this book are with women, be they molly & angie or with beast. the vamps & shapeshifters in this r super cool tho. srsly scary & sexy vamps; i'm almost tempted to include this in my queer shelf bc vamp culture seems to revolve around openly bisexual relationships bt the vamps & their human servants, but a lot if it is also negatively coded bc vamps r of course Super Evil which i'm not happy about & nothing was ever explicitly stated, more tongue-in-cheek hinted at. no character ever outright says 'yeah i smash any & all genders holla'that being said this book definitely has its issues. there's a lot of that 'better than other girls cause i eat meat & not salads' bullshit; she literally said 'i'm not most women'. incredible. also naturally (bc jane is cherokee) the phrase 'the white man' gets thrown around A LOT. the author is a white woman, and we white women know w absolute surety this is how all native americans talk Pre-warning if you don't read the other 7 books in this series you may be lost... (This reviewer managed to read them all in a few days to give an accurate review of this book. The original post was due on Friday, September 26th but...) This is an overview review of the series as well as this book.Hold on to your seats this is a fast paced action packed emotional book (The entire series was but that is another thing...) that was kind of surprised by. If you like Patricia Brigg's Mercy Thompson series or Jaz Parks series by Jennifer Rardin then I would recommend this one seems to have some of the themes reminded me of those series. Overall this is one I will be looking for others by the author.Some of the books in this series were better than others...This series has so many twists and turn some expect while others HOLY TOLEDOs aren't.I really can't very much such, since my review will be a spoiler... Fun, action packed Urban Fantasy that was overall an entertaining one to read. The average rating for all 8 books in this series 4stars.Watch out, have stakes & will travel for justice (& protection) to be served...

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I was interested until I saw it was 1st person. I'm not in the mood for that. Maybe later.

I avoided this series at first, but was hooked after this book!

Very solid urban fantasy.

3.5 stars

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