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Simple Perfection (2013)

Simple Perfection (2013)

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There's only one part of this book that I didn't like. Hated, I guess. It's the part wherein Bethy had to be stupid!! Did she really had to go into the water?? GRRRR!!! Oh and, I wish there would be another book about Woods and Della. It's just that I wasn't expecting that kind of ending. I wish there were a few more chapters. The ending for me, felt like things were in a hurry. Like, just to get the story over with. You know? But nonetheless, I really love this series!!! Even though I'm not gonna read Bethy and Tripp's story. HAHA!! I still hate her for what she did. READ: 14TH MARCH 2014RATING: 4.25 WOODS MOMENTS!!Simple Perfection continues the relationship ups and downs of Della and Woods. Woods is a fave of mine and he did not disappoint.I thought Della may have been dealt the weak character card a bit too much in this installment. I would have liked her reasonings for leaving Woods to have been stronger. I loved seeing her get a HEA of another type. I did love watching Woods get all fierce about her leaving. He did not give up and that is what I love about Woods he became quite the distance stalker.A very heart shattering moment twisted me all up inside. It was sad but it also felt like a quick game changer move. I am still not sure how I feel about this. Again if it was written a bit different I may accept it more. But this heart breaker, gut wrencher felt too spontaneous, even though it is meant to. I am not sure if I am explaining myself well here. I think, I felt that the lead up needed to be stronger. More time possibly spent on it. I know we aren’t meant to see it coming, but the validation of it happening I felt needed to be stronger.Total. Heart. Crusher.Rush and Blaire add the lighter side to this installment with little Nate. Watching Rush rock a diaper bag, is sure to put a smile on your face. Being the man he is, it does not faze him, one bit.Rush is always evolving and that is what I like about his character. He has grown the most before our eyes.Grant is giving us a lead up to the shenanigans that will no doubt be going on in Take A Chance with the relationship villainess, Nan. Tripp, trips his way into this installment in a much meatier role. I do like the sound of him, but at the same time I got quite a little shocker from this installment.Nice one.There’s never a dull moment in Rosemary Beach. The smexi times are ALWAYS hot and delicious and the tough times are filled with angst and drama.And then there are the Nan, times.“She’s all kinds of fucked up and mean.”

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It was the best ending I could've expected for Della and Woods. But Jace broke my heart.

Why are all these books about women running away?? It's kinda infuriating

I don't like how she killed off Jace.

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