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Shock Wave (2000)

Shock Wave (2000)

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This was my first foray into the life of Virgil Flowers and I must say I truly enjoyed the ride and can't wait to dig in to the rest of his stories. Virgil is a very likable and humble character that has a very laid back style, he likes the ladies and loves his boat and fishing. He's also a very good detective for the Bureau of Criminal Apprehension (BCA) and from what I gather gets called in for the tough cases - even on his day off! It's an entertaining and quick read that I think most will enjoy. I know of no other mystery/thriller author who has written more consistently excellent books than John Sandford. Shock Wave is yet another winner. Sandford created one of my favorite characters in the genre, Lucas Davenport, and the star of this book, Virgil Flowers, is rapidly moving up the list.As in all Sandford's books, the plot is excellent, the police investigative work rings true, the dialogue is great, and the characters are very believable. The plot was a real head-scratcher, but the conclusion worked and made sense.All-in-all, this is another fine addition to the roster of excellent novels by Sandford. If you're already a fan or new to this author, you'll love it.

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Dad, Thanks for recommending. It was a good read, but I really wanted the sheriff to be the bad guy!

As always not disappointed and sad I don't have another of his books to start!

Another great read by John Sandford featuring Virgil Flowers.

okay story; bad, bad, writing.

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