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Mad River (2012)

Mad River (2012)

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0399157700 (ISBN13: 9780399157707)
Putnam Adult

About book Mad River (2012)

I find the Lucas Davenport series rather dry and dull. This series by the same author is no better. Though I think the plot is a little better. Otherwise, it feels and reads just like a formula romance, where you change the name and the occupation and the location but the story is basically the same. The personality of the main character Virgil Flowers even feels the same. It is a fast enough read, about a three some that go on a murder rampage in several small rural Minnesota towns. Virgil has to track them down. Since there is no doubt about their identities it is just basically just a chase story. Besides wooden characters, the ending is very lackluster. Very unsatisfying. I will probably not explore this series further. Fun and fast read.I have a bit of a crush on serial divorce'r Virgil Flowers- the center of the storyHe is brilliant and hot in that down home aw'shucks way. The story moves fast and vacillates between three kids on a murdering spree and the Virgil, criminal investigator, trying to get ahead of their slaughtering ways.One thing I found particularly good is John Sanford's ability to bring humanity to the murderers- even after you are rooting for their imminent death. The end caught me by surprise, even though the plot was steady and mildly predictable until the last five pages. Excellent ending to a tragic tale.

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