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Shadowspell (2011)

Shadowspell (2011)

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0312575947 (ISBN13: 9780312575946)
St. Martin's Press

About book Shadowspell (2011)

I'm changing the book rate as I realised something while typing this review.Dana, our protagonist is very good at annoying me. I don't dare write a review because that would be juat rants. But waiting for my sister to wake up is a very boring job to do. So here I am.So to have a brief introduction. Dana ran away fron her alcoholic mother because she wanted to have a normal life. She's tired of taking care of herself and her mother. A girl can only take too much. So she found herself to Avalon, got herself friends, a complicated relationship with the oh-so-hot-player Ethan and people/faes who wants her dead. Since the girl kept repeating her wish of normal life everytime there's a threat in her life, I can't help but point out that an alcoholic mother sounds more normal than a Fae for a father, wouldn't you agree. Oh, of course I could be wrong, but for the record she did try to get away.But then like I said she was now a very dangerous fairiewalker and has to be hidden. Locked down for her safety, as the Wild Hunt arrive in the picture with the lead of the Erkling, Dana of course as terrified as she is went to a birthday party because who can pass that up right? *rolls eyes*When the Erkling got a hold of Ethan Dana saved him by having a deal with the Erkling, by giving him her virginity. Huh. Go figure.Magic and the ability of people in this story isn't what you can consider a jaw-dropping thing. Invisibility, illusion, wow-strength, beautiful-face people and all that. It's typical if nothing more.The characters for a change, surprisingly amusing and I enjoy reading their wit and humor. Lovestory you say? Ah. I've nothing against insta-love, I just prefer my romance subtle and well developed. But Dana, the ever annoying Dana can't just make up her mind. Today she does not want to have any romantic relationship with Ethan, but yeah they went out and watch movie with her head on his shoulder after and a parting word that THIS IS NOT A DATE. So when the guy flirt and dances with other girl Dana here throws a little fit about it. Seriously. I won't even dare talk about Dana's relationship with Keane. I am not gonna continue with details. You could say that as annoying as this review sounds I just still can stop reading it. It's like a bomb I'm waiting to explode. I liked this book a lot more then the first book! I had no idea she had a brother! And there is something very captivating about him i think i like him more the keane, poor keane he seems so lost i really hope he and kimber get together they both deserve to be happi! Thnk you evil aunt grace is gone one less enemy! Sadly i still feel like her dad holds back way to mich from her, cant wait for book 3!

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Muito melhor que o primeiro. Surge aí um personagem aparentemente "mal", mas que nos faz suspirar.

Typical middle book of a trilogy. It wasn't bad but it did bore me.

So good, couldn't put it down, read in 3 days!

Loved it!


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