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Sempre (2014)

Sempre (2014)

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What an amazing story! I thoroughly enjoyed this mafia romance; and the love that develops between Carmine and Haven is truly EPIC! We have two teenagers who are far totally different walks of life. Carmine is basically considered a "Mafia Prince" (even though his father is fighting for his son not to be involved in "the life"); and then we have Haven who was saved by Vincent (Carmine's father)from a life of slavery. Although, to Haven it feels like she has moved from one Master's house to another. She trusts no one, and I can't say I blame her. As time goes on though she gets to know the sons of Vincent..and I must say that I was impressed with both of them. Dominic is the oldest one, but he has a heart of gold-he really does. I am amazed the lengths that he goes to make Haven feel comforted, accepted, and never less than himself. Carmine is a tougher guy to like at first. He disrespects the girls that he is "sleeping with," he has extreme anger issues...Oh let's face it..he has so many issues it is hard to keep up. Not many truly like him, because he is just a plain a-hole that has no regard for anyone including himself and his own well being. Then along comes Haven, and these two bring out the best in each other. Carmine does a total personality change, and amazingly as he falls in love with Haven he is as loyal as they come. I fell in love with him; but also with Haven too. They belonged together, and if I have ever doubted fate in my romance books, this is the book that makes me a firm believer in it! There is so much that takes place in this story, it has it all: drama,betrayal,humor,love, name it; it has it. I loved the journey that the author takes us on, and it is one of those books that I became fully absorbed into the lives of the characters. The past few days I have been walking around in a daze, as even when I closed the book; it was still playing in my mind! To me, that is the definition of an Epic book, and a brilliant author. Sempre goes on my keeper shelf for sure, and I can even see that down the road I would be interested in rereading it again! I won't ever forget the lengths that Carmine goes through for the love of his life. He is so dedicated to Haven, and just thinking about it melts me.Do I highly recommend this book...Absolutely, I do! I am kicking myself that I waited to read it for so long! Just a top quality book that I will never forget. Sempre will go down as one of my all time best romance books! Thank you J.M. Darhower for delivering such a masterpiece!! Ce livre, je n'aurais jamais du le lire normalement. Parce que c'est un YA et que je ne suis pas toujours très fan, et surtout parce que le sujet, l'esclavage moderne, m'aurait fait passer mon chemin.D'ailleurs, j'ai eu peur après avoir lu le mot de l'auteur au tout début du livre.Et j'ai même eu envie de le fermer définitivement après le prologue.Parce que c'était très sombre, très dur, et que je n'avais pas envie de ça.Et ça aurait été vraiment dommage de ne pas continuer.Parce qu'après, même si ça reste intense et poignant, dur parfois, on découvre une histoire magnifique, incroyablement bien maîtrisée, des perso très profonds et bouleversants, et qu'à partir de 12% c'est un vrai page Turner.Ce livre aurait même pu être un coup de cœur s'il n'y avait pas eu ce passage lent dans la toute dernière partie, passage qui m'a non seulement agacée mais qui a en plus cassé le rythme.Pour autant, j'ai adoré ce livre. Je suis passée par toutes les émotions. J'ai adoré les personnages, carmine évidemment, mais surtout Vincent, son père, qui est le personnage le plus abouti et le plus complexe que j'ai découvert jusqu'à présent. J'avais parfois envie de le serrer dans mes bras puis de le faire mourir dans d'atroces souffrances juste après. Plus on le découvre et plus on l'aime, même si l'ambivalence reste jusqu'au bout ou presque.Mais il y a aussi Corrado et ses silences, Dom et sa bonne humeur, dia et tess. Et nicholas. Bref il fait lire ce livre qui mérite 4,5/5

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Finally I am finished, what a great book plenty of action and love all put together best read.

One of my all time favorite books. Haven is so sweet, Carmine gives it all.

Fucking brilliant!!!

so so so good

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