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Schändung (2010)

Schändung (2010)

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Excellent introduction to this Danish author. Centred around the cold case unit led by Carl Morck, he is investigating a series of crimes supposedly carried out by a group of boarding school teenagers, most of whom are now respectable leading businessmen. It would have been 5* but for me personally not enjoying the descriptions of hunting exotic animals. However, I will certainly look out for others in the series. Initial thoughts:1) The beginning is really slow-paced, a common characteristic for a lot of nordic authors. 2) Jussi Adler-Olsen doesn't change his suspense level constantly but builds it up step by step. I don't mind it in general, but this time it takes forever to become thrilling. The suspense level reached its maximum on the last 30 pages which was a bit late in my opinion.3) The story itself is quite interesting, even though it wasn't as suspense-packed as the first one. The reader knows from the beginning who is behind the murders, the question is how Morck will find enough evidence.4) Kimmie was the most interesting character. Albeit I couldn't identify with her her motives and thoughts were quite reasonable. 5) Ditlev, Ulrik and Torsten were a bit dull and shallow, but then again they weren't the main characters. 6) All in all I really enjoyed this read but I liked the first book better. Then again the author changed the style of his story so comparing the first two books might be a bit unfair.

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nicht so gut wie der erste teil, aber trotzdem sehr spannend.

Gruesome in parts. Danish mystery

Spannend tot de laatste pagina!

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