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Schlüssel Zum Königreich (2011)

Schlüssel zum Königreich (2011)

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3862010600 (ISBN13: 9783862010608)
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Everyone should read this series.The first three volumes were terrific, but this one just blew me away. The different art styles were a great touch. This volume had the right mix of drama, suspense, humor, and action. Joe Hill is a master at his craft. If any of his other stuff are half as good as Locke and Key, I wanna read 'em all! And Gabriel Rodriguez, now there's an artist. I can't stress how beautifully crafted this series is. It ought to be required reading. Hands down my favorite, mostly of course because of Chapter 1 (what modern comic fan didn't grow up on Watterson?). The combination of newspaper-style strips laid on frequently phantasmagoric backgrounds, alternating with a style in homage to, but never desperately trying to be, Bill Watterson, and then continued into the build towards what is clearly the climax, is absolutely well done.This overall seems like the most experimental book, and it comes at a good point.

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Importante giro de los acontecimientos.

Wade is loving this series. On to #5.

Holy character development, Batman!

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my favorite so far

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