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Scherven Brengen Geluk (2010)

Scherven brengen geluk (2010)

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9021010429 (ISBN13: 9789021010427)
Uitgeverij Luitingh-Sijthoff

About book Scherven Brengen Geluk (2010)

I must admit I didn't enjoy this as much as the other books I've read by Jill and that was mainly down to the character of Lola. At first she was all right she did what seemed right at the time but as it went on as an adult she became extremely annoying, her desperation, the way she was so sure of herself, she was just plain irritating and quite nasty and spiteful I thought! I didn't like the way she spoke to her mum or mums new boyfriend and the way she stalked Doug and compared herself constantly to everyone else always implying that she was so wonderful was just dismal. The storyline itself earned three stars as I liked the subplots but overall I felt it was a much weaker story to the ones I've read by Jill before. If (like millions of women) you like Romance with a capital R, you'll like this book – because it's written to the classic Harlequin formula. Heroine meets hero in the first few pages, and in spite of all the catastrophes that blight their path to true love, you always know they'll get together at the end.Which is why I don't like it. That level of predictability just isn't for me. Less than half way through the story, I know with depressing certainty that Our Plucky Heroine will win Doug back, and that Gabe and Sandra will become an item (there's a match doomed to failure). I'd love to be proved wrong, but I sincerely doubt it. My only glimmer of hope is that her Mum will stick with her bearded sandal-wearer instead of going back to her first husband.My other problem with this book is the heroine. My husband calls me Pollyanna – he should meet this girl! She's optimistic to the point of pig-headedness, not to say stupidity. It's part of a character that seems immature for her age – I sometimes feel the author is trying too hard to write like a “young person”. For instance, at one point her make-up bag falls in the toilet, and she's absolutely devastated. Bereft. Her precious make-up, destroyed!! This is the 27-year-old manager of a bookshop?? If this were really chick-lit, as advertised on the cover, then a childish obsession to get Dougie back wouldn't be defining this girl's whole life. If the book had been about her discovering a bit of self-esteem and realising that the Doug she knew at seventeen isn't likely to be the same person ten years later (and nor is she) – that could've been worth reading. But unless something changes drastically in the next few pages, that ain't gonna happen.

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Honestly one of the worst books I've red this year. I couldn't even get through it!

Fun fluffy romances for several of the characters. Always enjoy these books.

Fast-paced, well written, thoroughly enjoyed it and loved the characters :)

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