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Fast Friends (2015)

Fast Friends (2015)

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0747267421 (ISBN13: 9780747267423)

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2.5 Stars for this one.This book went on far too long for my liking, was there any need for it to be 600 pages?! Probably not. half of the stuff in here could've been cut out and probably should've. I gave this 2.5 stars because I did like parts of this book. I loved Camilla and Loulou, they seemed so nice yet nothing ever went right for them. Although I couldn't understand how Camilla didnt seem to think once about her kids when she split from her husband. And Roz, how did she not develop as a character?! With all she went through, she was still a bitch. and a spoilt one at that so when she didnt get what she wanted I was glad! I did read this all the way through as once I start something I have to finish it and I do love Jill Mansell books, the ending was as lovely as her other books as it was a happy ending :) I just don't understand the need to bring in soo many different characters. bringing in the endless partners for each character didnt do anything for this it was pointless. Definitely not one of my very books.

04/23/08TITLE/AUTHOR: FAST FRIENDS by Jill MansellRATING: 4.5/B+GENRE/PUB DATE/# OF PGS: Women's Fiction/1991/600 pgsSERIES/STAND ALONE: Stand-AloneTIME/PLACE: 1990's, EnglandCHARACTERS: Camilla/ housewife, mother; Loulou/club mangaer; Roz/TV personality FIRST LINES: Camilla stared at the girl sitting cross-legged on the bed oppoiste her.COMMENTS: Bookcrossing ring/ray. Camilla, Roz & Loulou were roomates in school. Roz & Loulou have remained friends, while Camilla has led a more subdued conservative lifestyle of wife & mother. She invites Roz to a party thinking she'll be popular w/ her friends & neighbors for knowing a celebrity. When she discovers her husband Jack & Roz already know each other her world is about to change. The three women, now in their early 30's each go through all sorts of drama and life changes -- sometimes at odds w/ each other but ultimately supporting each other.

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I think this book has everything - infidelity, love, jealousy, tears, violence, kids, misunderstandings, mistakes - every possible romantic twist you can think of - you'll find them here. That might have made it not a good book but I think it is. Yes, it went on a bit too long and I though - oh no not again - when a certain hero and heroine were wrenched apart - but I still liked it.There's no sex - so it don't look to it for that, but if you like books that delve into several relationships at the same with a wide array of interesting characters - I think this book fits the bill. yes, it's silly at time, no it's not realistic - it's just good escapist fun.
—Barbara Elsborg

I thought it best to take a lighter read away on a city break, and this was the nearest thing on my shelf. If you love chick lit it will be right up your street. For me not so much up my street I'm afraid. The three main female characters were easily persuaded into bed on the first meeting, they seemed to drink a lot and were then found driving somewhere shortly afterward. They didn't seem to learn from their mistakes with men or with each other come to think of it and the ending was very predictable. Why did I continue to the end I hear you ask - well stupidly it's the only book I took away with me!

It was a fun read (another freebie), good for beaches and public transportation, and touching in parts. But it's nearly as old as I am and, despite the edition I read being updated in 2002 to include references to mobiles and Eminem, it has troubling attitudes toward homosexuality and race. So, I can't recommend it any more than I have, because I can't condone the odd uncomfortably homophobic or racially insensitive line. These bits could easily be edited out, and the book would be fine. Maybe they already have been in a subsequent edition. Just beware. There are other books out there like this that aren't offensive, better read a different one.

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