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Sarò La Tua Ombra (2012)

Sarò la tua ombra (2012)

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About book Sarò La Tua Ombra (2012)

I had already read this writer: A Maiden's Grave and The Devil's Teardrop.Maybe because I was eleven (now I'm twenty-four), but I loved them.So, I was hoping that this XO was a dive into the past. But I was wrong. The book is really slow and easy predictable. The characters are sketchy and stereotypical.The incipit is good but Mr. Deaver loses himself while he looks for a "unexpected moment". Missed shot.The good thing: musical references. In the last pages there's a beautiful citation of Bishop. This was actually my first Deaver book, and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Twist upon twist all set in the world of music was the clincher for my personal taste. Deaver shows a great amount of research with the technical references at the beginning and, having worked in the business, I was extremely captivated from the word go in the scenes.After this I went on to read through some of Deaver's other works and, although, I feel the writing style here is more simplistic, he has written a better story in XO without too many literal complications.A surprise find, and a highly recommended book for those who like a good 'thriller' with a twist.

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Good beach read..which is what I chose it for.

Good book. Quick page turner of suspense

Pretty ordinary for a Jeffery Deaver.

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