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Sapphique (2008)

Sapphique (2008)

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0340893613 (ISBN13: 9780340893616)
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About book Sapphique (2008)

Oh my gosh. Its all over. I cant believe it. Even if there were only two books, the journey and conflicts seemed quite long. I have to say I absolutely loved every bit of it. I absolutely loved the concept about how incarceron is so small in the Realm, but seems so big for the people that live in it. I love thinking about that. The ending wasn't so perfectly happy ever after, but everything seemed to be solved. It was actually kind of sad. I really liked Attia. Sapphique is a great book and it is a good closer to the award winning boook Incarceron. it has stretches where there is not much excitement but it makes up for it by being so exciting in parts that you cant put it down. it is eye opening to a dual world of two realities, two different prison each prison different but both prison all the same on prison is in a state where the rulers have banned time, stifling all change and inspiration. the other is ruled by a great artificial inteligence creature that "gives life, deals death, Watches all."it is a creature corrupted by its inmates a heartless monster of a prison." the prison is called incarceron. the inmates of incarceron are in a constant state of change always moving around the giant prison in a state of chaos. the book gives an inside look into our own world.

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According to me, better than the first one !Meilleur que le premier selon moi !

Mediocre at best for book 2. I can't think much more.

Pretty meh. Confusing, not cohesive.

Wish there was more :(

Another rating: 8/10

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