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Rumor Has It (2010)

Rumor Has It (2010)

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1402237502 (ISBN13: 9781402237508)
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About book Rumor Has It (2010)

It's a nice read. I'd say 3.5 stars. The collection of interconnected stories exuded warmness. The relationships in-between all of them were cozy and swell. I can't think of any kind of description for this book but... nice. in a good way. It's just that nothing special was left on me to feel in the end... y'know. It has a good story. Pleasant, like it's meant to be read while you're having a break in your bed drinking tea. It was funny and interesting. I liked it. Can't believe I had this for two months! Apparently, I'm never going to finish it. I liked the beginning, but then it got all problems-problems-problems, and I don't seem to care enough about the characters to want to see their happy ending enough to read through the pain parts. I'm in love with the cover, though. Could there be a more perfect chick lit cover than this? I think that's why I stuck with it as long as I did.

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Good typical chick lit, good filler between heavy or long books, easy reading xox

very nice, i love how all her books have happy endings

One of her best books i've read so far.

Fast paced plot and easy to read

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