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Rules Of Entanglement (2013)

Rules of Entanglement (2013)

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1622667948 (ISBN13: 9781622667949)
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About book Rules Of Entanglement (2013)

"Rules of Entanglement" is the second volume of Fighting for Love series, but it can be a stand-alone read. I haven’t read the first volume of the series and I could follow the story perfectly.Vanessa and Jax’s story had a disjointed and rushed beginning. The excuse that Gina L. Maxwell finds to force the coexistence of the two characters is unreliable and silly. It pains me that a supposedly intelligent woman like Vanessa is supposed to be, did not question the lie that serves as the premise for the development of the novel. Personally, I also found the beginning of the relationship abrupt and botched. The sexual scenes are really hot, but tend to overpower the romance.Regarding the characters, I would have appreciated more if Vanessa and Jax past were less dramatic. Vanessa's story served only to justify a series of self-imposed rules. Also did not understand the appearance of her sister in this story. Was it only to introduce the character of the third volume?Overall it was an entertaining book. Recommend it to anyone who likes New adult with a lot hot sexy scenes. E' un libro animato da continue e stimolanti schermaglie verbali. La storia è prevedibile e senza particolari colpi di scena.Lo stile è pimpante e coinvolgente.I personaggi sono tutti tormentati da storie tragiche così da lasciare entrare nel profondo di Vanessa e Jackson.Molto bella l'idea di aprire e chiudere il libro con due tipi di regole agli antipodi, ma anche legate tra di loro.E' una lettura semplice e romantica.

Do You like book Rules Of Entanglement (2013)?

Amazing, Loved this Story and Love the authors style of writing.

Fun, sexy read!

3 1/2 ***'s

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