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Ruins (2014)

Ruins (2014)

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0062071106 (ISBN13: 9780062071101)
Balzer + Bray

About book Ruins (2014)

This book was more action packed and crazy. The moral gray space that I found so interesting in the first two was not really present - any new questions were more or less an obvious right or wrong. The plot line with the last two Trust members seemed like it could have almost been straight lifted out without disrupting much. Sometimes the point of views took too long to switch back and forth so I would forget what was going on in other places, but overall I didn't mind switching around because it gave a more complete experience. Being in Heron's head was a huge highlight and awesome and she's my favorite. After the rest of the book having so many real moments I felt the end was a little too "dramatic movie wrap up," but I still really liked this. Amazing amazing amazing end to one of my most favorite trilogies. This is one underrated series and one brilliant author! Dan Wells has now became one of my top five favorite authors, I always have appreciated the guy authors more! HahaAnyway the romance in this, very satisfying but one thing that bothered me was, Samm and Kira on opposite sides of the continent, really?But what I like about this trilogy is not the romance (even though that was perfect most of the time) but the amazing world building, the perfect sci-fi action, just simply amazing!The author tied up the loose ends, well most of them, but there was two main loose ends that did leave me curious that I wish were answered...And the ending leaves the reader with questions yet satisfied because if those questions were answered, then the book would need another hundred pages lolAnd man I really liked this book, the main thing that bothered me is that it did rush a bit in the end and it was a bit slow paced. This could've used some tightening here and there but over all this book is very satisfying and leaves you awe-struck with the brilliant ideas and writing!I loved this very much, this trilogy I'll probably re-read because I adore these amazing characters :)

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this book was amazing! the whole series had me hooked.

Rating: 4.5 Definitely the best of the trilogy!

Awesome ending to a very elaborate plot!

Yes!! So exited to start this.

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