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Partials (2012)

Partials (2012)

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0062071041 (ISBN13: 9780062071040)
Balzer + Bray

About book Partials (2012)

This was a really great read! I was certainly surprised at the complexity, and I found myself nearly unable to put it down. From the initial premise to the last words, I was captivated, and when I reached the end of the book, I definitely had a moment of "wait, isn't there more?? I need to know what happens next!!" I will certainly be looking forward to reading "Fragments", the second book in the series, and I will recommend it readily. A read that I would classify as "good enough" to read on the airplane when there's not much else to do. An okay story, but not much about any of the characters' motivations rang true for me. Everyone read as a dystopian novel stereotype with little-to-no character development. Also an incredibly predictable "twist" at the end....dear Dan there's this thing called foreshadowing, which is not defined as announcing what's going to happen through thinly veiled character reflection early on in the story.

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It's a good but not great plot. It was predictable so I had to skim through some paragraphs.

I tried to finish this. I really did. I just...can't.

Ohhhh es ist soooo mega gut!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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