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Rocky Mountain Heat (2011)

Rocky Mountain Heat (2011)

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1609285514 (ISBN13: 9781609285517)
Samhain Publishing

About book Rocky Mountain Heat (2011)

Laughable book about a bunch of brothers who watch each other get off with the same girl, Jaxi. Blake gets her v-card, though, and the fact that he 'forgets' to wear a condom immediately puts him on my 'to-never-be-redeemed' list. Especially when he asks her after the fact if she's on the pill. Uh, dumbass? She was a virgin. She was hardly prepared. Wrap your dick up!Oh, but... Jaxi's cool if she gets pregnant, because all she's ever wanted is to have Blake's baby and anyway, she's so IN LUUURRRVVVE. Oh, so that's OK then, I suppose. So OK, in fact, that they have unprotected sex again. Is the guy a walking petri dish from his numerous past partners? Who cares! LOVE, y'all!Dumb plot, horrible dialogue, unlikable characters. One star is generous. I really don't know how I feel about this book. It wasn't bad, not any where realistic, and the second half kind of drug on for me. I could read the others in the series if in the right mood and price, but I'm not dying to. There was some good steamy scenes which helped, but the heroine was kind of annoying and almost seemed like she hunted the hero down and almost wanted to trap him into marriage. And I did like the steamy scenes but after some scenes I was like wtf did that just happened there.

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Although Family stuff is good, Hero is a bit too alpha for my taste. Toasted - will not read again.

Blake and Jaxi are too hot. Loved this story. All the brothers Blake has don't hurt either

got this one for free don't know if I will read the rest of this series though

Cute story. It started slow but eventually got better.

Really Great Book !!!

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