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Rock The Beat (2013)

Rock the Beat (2013)

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Michelle A. Valentine Books, LLC

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This book covers the 3rd member of Black Falcon Trip, one of the twins in the world famous band. As we know, there would be some down time with both Noel and Riff taking time off to build their relationships with Lane and what is a boy to do with all that down time? Well, if you are Trip, you find a way to fill the his case it's investing in a Motocross race track that is on it's last limb. Little do the current owners know who Trip really is, or the fact that he is the one investing...but when questions start being asked, and interests start taking place, it's hard to keep avoiding who he really is. Of course, what good is it if you get stuck in the country, and don't have a little love interest...complete with all the drama that an ex can bring. The only question is...How far is Trip willing to go in order to protect and help the ones he's grown to love? Compared to the other books in the series, I feel like this one fell short. I can't really put my finger on what exactly it was. The plot was iffy. I can take that Holly doesn't recognize Trip, but what I can't believe is that no one in Tuscon recognized him. Really? This story takes places during a time when the band is on a break right before they are going to record a new album. The fact that it happens away from the band may be the reason I wasn't that into it. Holly is a good character. Very likeable and ballsy. Trip is likeable once you get pass his egotism. The ending was just okay for me. Really wanted something more. Probably more of a look into the future. Maybe we get that in tiny spurts with the next book? At this point, I have no idea how Tyke's book is going to go but hoping it isn't as lackluster as this one. Still a good read but not up to par compared to the others in the series.Side note: Tons of typos and letters missing. Seems like this book wasn't edited quite as well as it should have been.

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Another great book! I love how Valentine writes with both points of views.

So ah-ma-zing!!!




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