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Rock My Bed (2000)

Rock My Bed (2000)

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About book Rock My Bed (2000)

WOW !!!!I loved Riff from the privies books and was looking forwarded to his story :) I was so surprised from this book it was better then I ever expected.Riff story was both painful and fun but Riff ( with some convincing from this friend) allowed himself to feel and show Aubrey his true self (Zach) I loved it and cant wait for more.This story is HOT with a just the right amount of KINK ;) Rock my Bed is a good read. It was basically the same story as the first book the only difference is that it gave us the missing parts that Aubrey and Riff shared along with Noel and Lane’s wedding. When I first started this book I thought I would get a little of the background from the previous book with more story of Aubrey and Riff, so don’t buy this book thinking you will get a whole different story but I guess that’s why every book can be read as a standalone. However I hope when it comes to the twins story we get two new stories but I do want them to include all of the characters from the very first beginning. I look forward to reading the next book in the series.

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Very cute rock story



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