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Rock Chick (2008)

Rock Chick (2008)

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*it hurts to give 3.5 stars*so I usually loooove me some Kristen Ashley so it hurts my black little heart to give this rating. I just did not love me some Indy. I felt like most of the book it was just her and her shenanigans. I didn't really feel the love story behind all the kidnappings and bullets and drama. she kept freaking out about Lee going to fast when she had supposedly been in love with him since she was five! I was really bummed because I have been looking forward to Lee's story for a while. I needed the swoon, sexy, alpha males that I amused to from Miss Ashley andi just didn't feel it. I felt like a got a whole lot of Indy and her tude and not a whole lot of Lee and his swoon. I still love me some Lee and I don't totally hate Indy. she was funny and sweet but she is def not my fave. so although this did not tickle my pickle I still totally heart Miss Ashley and will continue to stalk urm I mean be a devoted fan. I am reading Rock Chick #1 after investigating the whole Chaos & Dream Man series. I love the contrast in "feel" Ashley is a skilled and evocative writer, very talented and her work is seemless. The romantic, the wistful, the gentle - all comes alive in her writing. Rock Chick adds a new dimension for me to the Ashley repertoire: hilarious. This is as funny in its genre as Kristan Higgans is in hers, and Eloisa James in hers. Totally bent to read the rest of the series; and wide open to new material when it comes up - she is so versatile.

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This was a good and funny read, reminded me a lot of Janet evanovich's Stephanie plum series!

Both Indy and Lee were annoying but thank goodness the side characters were hilarious.

Full review to come when I finish the series! A really FUN FUN read.

3.5 stars

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