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Rise Of Empire (2011)

Rise of Empire (2011)

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0316187704 (ISBN13: 9780316187701)

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This is really a 4 and a a half star book for me. A lot of the errors from The Crown Conspiracy have been fixed and you adore Royce and Hadrian even more than you already did. I sped through this book while keeping in mind work and it is the Christmas season. There were just a few things that I didn't like that keep me holding back that little half star though it was mostly connections in the book that didn't overly make sense but that's just kind of a minor personal preference. Really looking forward to finishing the rest of the series, just sad my bookstore didn't have it so I have to wait on amazon. I appreciate the balance Sullivan struck in the Riyria Chronicles--too often books of this genre get polluted with gratuitous violence and raunchiness that merely mask a storyline that may not have been as well developed by an author before embarking on the literary journey. As a reader, while I appreciate a good action scene (of which the Heir of Novron, among the others, had plenty of fantastic action scenes--which Tim Gerard Reynolds did great justice to in his narration), I appreciated the nuances to the storyline that you provided in your series and the effort you put into developing your characters which allowed readers like me to invest/buy into their reality.

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Book two, better than the first. Where's book three? Out of my way, gotta get to book three!

great book, great character, great intrigue. there seemed to always be something happening!!!

Not only does the man have a great name! He is also a brilliant writer!

I love this series.

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