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Revan (2011)

Revan (2011)

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About book Revan (2011)

My all time favorite book, Revan takes place soon after they left off in kotor(Knights of the Old Republic). It includes several different characters that were featured in kotor including Bastila Shan, T3M4, Canderous Ordo, and Revan himself. They also include some of the characters that take place in swtor, such as the Sith Lord Scourge, and the Sith Emperor. The main planets the reader travels to are Dromund Kaas, Coruscant, Rekkied, and Nathema.The book starts out with Revan having a vision about a planet covered in storms. It then changes settings and begins following the Sith Lord Scourge. Scourge was sent to Dromund Kaas to find out who is behind assasination attempts on the Dark Council member Darth Nyriss. Soon after he arrives, however, he himself is attacked by a pair of mercenaries. After defeating the two, Scourge learns that Nyriss hired them to test Scourge. Meanwhile, on Coruscant, Revan begins searching into his forgotten past for answers about the visions. He eventually turn to his old friend, Canderous Ordo, for help in his search. Ordo discovers that the Mandolorians are searching for Mandalore's Mask, which Revan had hid during the Mandalorian War. Revan and Ordo then travel to Rekkiad to join the search. Meanwhile, Scourge continues to track down the assassins, but ends up getting caught up in a much larger conspiracy.The book Revan is amazing with twists and turns throughout. Every thing about it was written with near perfection. How it ties in to both kotor one, kotor two, and swtor makes it a great companion novel to tor. It fills in the gaps between Knights of the Old Republic and The Old Republic beautifly. Playing the game enhances the reader's experience with the book, and vice-versa. Overall, Revan was an astonishingly good book and is my personal favorite. This book was well written and an interesting story in the Star Wars universe but it was not that compelling. The book was still fun and provided an insight into the history of the Sith that is only hinted at in the movies and earlier novels.The main detractor of this book for me was the reliance on a epic back story that is never fully explained. I assume that all the missing elements were covered in the Knights of the Old Republic video games on which the novel is based, but I never played them. Without this background the importance of a lot of the crucial plot points is lost. Perhaps a gamer would give this a better review but without the extra story info, it's just a three star book.

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This book ruined a lot of my own thoughts on the series, very disappointing.

Amazing... still trying to wrap my head around what just happened.

Drew K is a Jedi Master of Star Wars novels.

Finally we hear Revan's story. Well done.

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