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Requiem For A Glass Heart (1997)

Requiem For a Glass Heart (1997)

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Really liked it. I've written a thriller about the Russian mafia (not yet published) and this book rang so many bells with me. There was one paragraph about crossing the line that I wish I'd written - since my book is likely to be called Crossing the line - it fits so well. Darn it. The story is basically one of double cross, betrayal, blackmail, murder - there's everything thrown in there. A manipulative Russian persuades Irina to do despicable things for him because he holds her daughter somewhere secret. Cate's on the other side, working for the intelligence service and yet is also expected to do very difficult things to get the information her superiors need. The book is fast moving, very violent and deeply creepy. I devoured it in a couple of sittings, but I do have a love for Russian thugs - in the most innocent of ways. I need to read more by David Lindsey!!

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