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Reflected In You (2012)

Reflected in You (2012)

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0425263916 (ISBN13: 9780425263914)

About book Reflected In You (2012)

This really wasn't as good as the first installment. It seems to be the same old thing with Gideon and Eva; she wants him to open up and spill his secrets, he refuses and they fix everything with sex. Even the sex wasn't as scandalous this time around. There was a lot more of it in the first book, and we don't get anything near as naughty as last time. I mean the house party before was amazing. There was none of that this time. But we do finally get some answers in this book. We know what happened to Gideon, and my heart bleeds for the boy. We also get a lot more drama with Cary being attacked and there's also something to do with Nathan. But I'm not going to ruin it for you. However my favourite part had to be Eva growing a backbone and finally standing up for herself and acknowledging how unhealthy her relationship with Gideon is. Not only that but she has the balls to tell his mum what she thinks of her too. So whilst this may not be as good as Bared To You, Reflected In You is still a good read. Again, I wouldn't recommend this series if you are not a fan of Fifty Shades of Grey. I have discovered that a lot of these authors write poor stories with good story lines, but as the next books come out the writing gets increasingly better, and this is definitely the case with Sylvia Day. I found "Reflected in You" to be better written in comparison to "Bared to You". Eva dand Gideon's relationship definitely became more realistic and believable. However, both novels were captivating, at least to me because I find that modern/unqiue romance novels (unique in the sense of sub/dom relationships) interest me. I'm devoted to Eva and Gideon's relationship, and every chapter I think I know what is going to happen, and then the unexpected occurs. Some may find this annoying because it doesn't match up with the story line, but I think that's what makes it so captivating! Reality doesn't occur in a concise plot line of events that you can "see coming" life surprises you, and I think that is exactly what Day achieves in her novels. Thus, I shall keep reading!

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Too much drama. Felt like I was reading the first book all over again.

Good! The plot thickens. Onto the next installment.

Mucha passion , poco argumento.

Good a bit repetitive.

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