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Razer's Ride (2013)

Razer's Ride (2013)

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About book Razer's Ride (2013)

So.... This book never called to me and I wasn't going to read it but for some reason book 4 of this series, Shade's fall did so I read that first. I have to say I'm REALLY glad I did cause if I'd read this first I wouldn't have done any others in this series and I really enjoyed Shade's fall. I just COULD NOT DEAL with all the public fornication in this book! It was basically, Would you could you with a goat? Would you could you in a box? Fuck me fuck me here and there, fuck me fuck me everywhere! And fuck her and fuck me and fuck he and fuck she! I really have no idea why this is an MC book it should be a sex club book. I will say I did do book 2 of the series because I hoped like Shade's fall it would be better. I'm not gonna review the next book but I will say it was way better than this one. Its really a shame I feel if the books didn't revolve around the "club sex" they could have been better. Im still not sure if I'm gonna jump to book 3, maybe I will maybe I won't. I think I'm just hoping the author will redeem herself with these characters at some point. One of the first things that I would like to comment upon is Beth's Character. I read an article what a Mary Sue character is like, and I must say that Beth may be on the top. She's the super goody-goody-two-shoes that everyone loves and have a personality that is almost unbelievable. Another thing is that her transition from sweet girl to super duper vixen in a very short time is almost annoying.I don't like Razer's character and made me almost DNF this book. He is hot in the bedroom, but his character and emotional development seems like lacking. What he and his biker gang did to Beth is almost unforgivable, and made me like more the biker ladies with the stupid names.There are many grammar and typo errors in this book, that I reread some parts in order to understand it. On the plus side, I'm okay with the concept of a gang with that sexual liberation, almost different from the other biker series, but still refreshing. I don't know if I'm gonna continue this series or not but maybe later "try" to read the next books if I feel like it.

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This series is rocking! I am running through these like crazy!Holy crap! A must read!!!

A bit overly sexed up but over all a very well written and executed story.

The narrative "voice" doesn't sit well with me.

[email protected] 52%

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