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Ral's Woman (2009)

Ral's Woman (2009)

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1419924060 (ISBN13: 9781419924064)
Ellora's Cave Publishing

About book Ral's Woman (2009)

2.5 starsWhat this book has going for it is imagination (nice world-building) and good writing. It is clear and to the point.While this book did deliver the promise of an alien adventure, and lovers overcoming alien boundaries, unfortunately it didn't elevate the story above that.The characters were flat, and if you took away the sex scenes, you would reveal a very thin plot. It starts off exciting, but starts to go downhill halfway through.The plot turns from exciting escape the kidnappers, to boring cultural barriers and misunderstandings. If, instead, (overdone and predictable, but still works) they escape but run into the kidnappers again, fight them off and then bond with an emotional connection over this, it would have played out better. We don't get much of a real connection between the two lead characters. I don't feel any real chemistry. Yeah, intellectually we understand their motivations, but where's the feeling behind it? The fact that the two leads also feel instant chemistry is jarring. It just isn't believable to me. I started reading it yesterday late in the evening and already finished it. It is a much shorter story than the new species novels. I will keep reading this series, it sounds very interesting. And it does remind me of my favorite couple from GOT, Denearys and Khal Drogo. But Ral is way more adaptive to Ariel, I like his caring side. Very nice and so I will keep reading , I was not so sure about reading about aliens but Zorn are great looking. They need to learn about monogamy though. Now I am not so sure to read about cyborgs, but if it turn out te be as great a series I do plan to keep on reading!

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very enjoyable and didnt loose my intrest even tho its not the sort of book id usally go for

Boring, doesn't make sense, waste of time.

3.5 stars.

3.5 Stars


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