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Psychospiele (2009)

Psychospiele (2009)

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3866078978 (ISBN13: 9783866078970)
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Holy fucking shit. Okay, let me compose myself.*deep breaths*I wasn't too stoked on the 'Welcome To Lovecraft' volume, not sure why. Just didn't feel it too much. THIS VOLUME WAS INCREDIBLE. It was dark, and weird, and twisted, and horrifying. Just great.A couple of comments on the art; I think it fits the genre and story really well. The colours are muted so everything is a little dullish and dark, the art is not particularly delicate or pretty, the lines are heavy and the facial expressions on the characters are really strong. For a story that is dark and violent and dangerous, it works. It gives a haunting sort of vibe which is great. As always, I'll start with the art. I'm not gonna go into great detail about Gabriel Rodriguez's art style. (If you want to read more about that, check out my review for Locke & Key volume 1) I'll just say that it is still top notch and matches the tone of the story as well as any comic art has ever matched a story. The little step-by-step explanation Gabriel gives at the end of the book about how the art is put to paper is a nice bonus feature. As is the few pages of an art gallery. Art gets a 5.The storyline in this volume is a little slower to me than volume 1. New characters are introduced for the purpose of giving you a glimpse towards the origin of the story and how we got to the point we were at for the beginning of volume 1. Because of that, the story didn't really move forward very much since you spend so much time looking back. The introduction of the Head Key is really the only major highlight of this volume. I know you can't tell a story, at least not an interesting one, having only the 3 Locke children focused on, but I would have liked to see the 3 of them some more in this volume. The story was by no means bad in this volume. It just doesn't jump out and grab you the way volume 1 did. Writing gets a 4.Overall I give Volume 2 Head Games a 4.5. It's still a tremendous work as a whole due in large part to the tremendous artwork. And I'm sure that once I read all 6 volumes I'll look back at this volume as just a slower backstory chapter to set up something amazing.

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I'm loving this series. Head games was a blast.

Another EXCELLENT installment in this series.

This series is so good so far.

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