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Prom And Prejudice (2011)

Prom and Prejudice (2011)

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0545240778 (ISBN13: 9780545240772)

About book Prom And Prejudice (2011)

Like the classic Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen, Prom & Prejudice follows Lizzie through the ups and downs of relationships and that critical invitation to the event of the year. She challenges her own opinions of the people around her, and worries that she has become what she has despised about Longbourn--a snob. Prom & Prejudice brings the classic tale to the exclusive high schools of the modern elite while still holding the essence of Austen's original. More appropriate for middle school readers, it was a quick, if enjoyable read. So let me just start off by saying that I love this book. Having read the original, pride and prejudice by Jane Austen, I thought this book really brought a type of twist to the tail. it is a lot of the same. There are some characters that you will kind of know just by their names and their personalities if you have read the original book. I know that some people don't really like extensive vocabulary so for those people, this book is a lot easier to understand. Simply because it was written in the 21st-century and is very modern. Where as pride and prejudice was written maybe 100 years ago. I think that it is an amazing book and it's very refreshing to read things like this because for one thing it's a great story, and for another, you get a taste of how the writer perceived the original story to be. so, in conclusion, I recommend this book to anyone who likes a good love story and for people that just love reading and love the development of characters and the depth of characters as novels such as this one progress. It's a great book. You should take the time to read it. It might even surprise you.

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Not bad, tapi saya lebih suka versi aslinya. Disini rasanya Darcy kurang appealing sebagai hero :(

this is by far the best book of E.eulberg. tv series please!

A great modern-day version of the classic.

Cute modern take on Pride and Prejudice!!

I love this book it is really good

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