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Príncipe Mecánico (2012)

Príncipe mecánico (2012)

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About book Príncipe Mecánico (2012)

Clockwork Prince is the second book in the Infernal Devices trilogy by Cassandra Clare. The mysterious Tessa Gray has found a home with the Shadowhunters, but peace continues to evade her. Her brother has revealed himself to be a monster and she continues the struggle to define herself in light of what she knows. On top of everything, she finds herself continuing to fall for Will despite his cold nature, but also taking an interest in his parabatai Jem, whose warmth is a kind of reprieve from the bitterness of the world. And yet, beneath every joy and confusion is the name that hasn't been mentioned in 2 months. How can she relax knowing that Mortmain is still out there somewhere, plotting his next move? Meanwhile, Will seeks materials which the warlock Magnus Bane has requested, in order that the demon that cursed him might be summoned. Jem's demonic illness continues to take its toll as the yen fen he relies on begins to grow scarce. And while she tries to hold everything together, Charlotte fears the Consul, whose disdain for her manifests itself in claims that her feminine nature prevents her from running the London Institute as it should be run.As if to prove a point, Consul Wayland acquiesces to Benedict Lightwood's request that his sons Gideon and Gabriel be sent to train the staff of the Institute, that they may be able to defend themselves should the need arise. The search for Mortmain comprises much of the book. After the Shadowhunters discover the names of their foe's warlock parents in the Reparations archives, Will, Jem, and Tessa are sent to investigate the residence of The Shades, whose deaths at the hands of shadowhunters likely left Mortmain with a vengeful heart. Will is shocked to see a familiar face near the home-that of his sister. Confusion ensues. What would his family be doing in Mortmain's parents' home? The plot thickens as relationships are forged and destroyed, and truths brought at long last into the light. Clare's London is filled with familiar features, although many are cast in the light of the world she has created. It is not an easy task to accomplish, but she does it skillfully. Her characters too, are somehow larger than the story that contains them. One fears for kind Jem and screams at stubborn Will and commiserates with Tessa, who has been thrust headlong into a nightmare. One also wonders at why Jem could demand that the others cease the quest for a cure to his ailment and at how Will can truly turn a cold shoulder to the ones he loves. How can Tessa feel love for 2 men and why can't she seem to restrain herself when one of them looks her way? Clare's characters are real because they are complex. The literary excerpts that precede each chapter foreshadow what is to come, but also place the books themselves in a larger framework. There is the story, and then there is what we can take from it. The struggle that is central to the plot is as old as time itself. The questions that are raised are age-old dilemmas. The fact that neither the fight of Good versus Evil nor the fragility and import of mortality have been resolved, and the fact that both can be found in Clare's work, lends the Infernal Devices series a timeless quality. I'm not going to spoil any of this book, so you can be calm.if you like The Mortal Instruments, cassie clare or Shadowhunters, then you could be very happy about this new series.i was,, when i read it, i was quite dissapointed. overall, i just didnt like the book. it wasn't the writing, nor the charactyers, it was jsut the plot. i found it hard to follow and caught myself, numerous times, skipping entire chapters because nothing was happening. while i very much enjoyed reading the mortal instruments fight scenes, i found myself becoming bored while Will and Jem were fighting. and tessa annoys me. i enjoyed reading about clary, but Tessa doesnt really do anything, just standing on the sidelines half the time.i did nearly cry during this book, so be careful.

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Words can not express how much I love Jem! I don't know what to say this book was amazing!

Necesito princesa mecánica ya!. Wessa Forever


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