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Ángel Mecánico (2010)

Ángel mecánico (2010)

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About book Ángel Mecánico (2010)

I loved this book. I'd been wanting a book set somewhere long ago (although this wasn't set that far back), with supernatural creatures and a bit of love mixed in. I really enjoyed it. I love and hate the resemblence Will has to Jace (or maybe it's actually the other way around). It has been a long time since I've been as angry at a character in a book as I am right now. I'm seething as I write this, what in the bloody h*ll is Will's problem?! And Jem, oh Jem. I'm really starting to like Jem. I can't wait to dig my teeth in to the next book! This book is about a orphan called Tessa who, when the aunt she is living with dies, moves to London from New York at the request of her elder brother and finds herself plunged into a world of supernatural beings and magic.It starts off quite slowly, the exposition (or explaining the background of the book) and some of the dialogue is quite clumsily written and the characters, themes and settings are quite clichéd. Additionally, it is quite obvious that the writer is an American writing about English characters.However, about half-way through, the narrative really picks up a pace, and the second half of the story is a thrilling, gripping adventure. Some of the characters acquire a bit of depth and you begin to be genuinely interested in them, and the book ended with me really wanting to read the next one.If you like urban fantasy, paranormal romance or Victoriana fiction, then you will enjoy this book.

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it was amazing i love this book , i love jem , i love will, y lo cassandra clare

Adored it READ IT MUST... for the record love Will more than Jem ;)

LOVED IT!!! A perfect book to start a follow up series. AMAZING!!!



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