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Primal Bonds (2011)

Primal Bonds (2011)

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0425240789 (ISBN13: 9780425240786)
Berkley Sensation

About book Primal Bonds (2011)

I enjoyed this book much more than the first in the series. We learn about Sean and Andrea and I loved hearing more about the sword and how the fae magic runs between Sean and the sword.Also how Andrea manipulated that power to help heal with her own fae magic! I also liked the world building in this book. I felt like it fell apart in the first book, so I was very happy to see that was not the case in this one. I can't wait to read the next one in the series and look forward to many more to come! I knew that if I was ever going to find a paranormal romance I would actually enjoy, I'd have to turn to the lovely Jennifer Ashley. And damn if I wasn't right.The world building here, fantastic. The action, awesome and gripping and ugh. The paranormal creatures, not just there to make the dude seem like a badass. The sex, well, Mrs. Ashley is very good at that. To top it off, a heroine who actually has a brain in her head and doesn't keep stupid secrets from the hero? Sign me up.I will admit, this took me a little time to get into, but that's at no fault to the story or Jennifer Ashley. Paranormal/fantasy world building drives me crazy most of the time.But this is topping my charts of paranormal romance. It's right up there with L. L. Raand's series.

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I'm in love of this series!! This is absolutely fantastic read!I'm enjoying every moment of it.

Really loving this series & it's characters! what a roller coaster ride Ashley takes us on!

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