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Pride Mates (2010)

Pride Mates (2010)

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0843960051 (ISBN13: 9780843960051)
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Jennifer Ashley has written a captivating series that takes place in Austin, Texas. Hot, sexy shifters with protective natures, loving smart women. The Government Authorities have herded the shifters of various clans and breeds into societies who live in neighborhoods called Shiftertown. Fantasy stories of fantasy societies have the same kind of prejudices as our own today. Change starts with one good looking human lawyer who is defending a shifter accused of murder. Kim Fraser hopes that Liam Morrissey will be her liaison into the workings of Shiftertown. They both feel a connection neither can explain. Kim's inquiries gets the clan's hierarchy involved and they are very angry. The clan's alpha is an unpopular, vile leader with an agenda that will further his power and control. The story moves between Kim and Liam as storyteller which works for this author. Jennifer Ashley has a wonderful series with characters that will make you laugh and cry. Yes, I cried, you know that awful tight feeling in your throat just before the tears fall. Thank you, Jennifer for wonderful story and series. This book immediately sucked me in with the idea of an entire race of shifters subjugated and collared from human society. I found it interesting, they are feared and looked down upon .In this book the main female protagonist is a lawyer who is trying to defend a shifter who is on trial for murdering his human girlfriend. This where the book fell apart for me. I felt like the female character prance around in "shifter town" where she meets Liam. This book had such great potential for story building, but I feel like Jennifer Ashley just got tired halfway through and just said "eehh just forget it" . The book just fell apart the storyline fell apart, the characters fell apart! She just squeezed in sex where the storyline should have been a squeeze in fighting and crappy characters and anything else you can think of and then the ending came when they couldn't think of anything else. I'm very sad... thats all I can say. I'm definitely going to read the next one I'm hoping that this one was just a fluke and that the world building will improve in the next shifters unbound book.

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Nothing wrong with this book; just nothing special either.

I started strange but the end was great.

ooh gr8 book, couldn't put down

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